This year is the last of my three years in the graduate counseling psychology program. I am excited to finally start seeing clients. I chose to work in an elementary school (children of ages between 5 to 10 years) where 50% of the children are children of color. I felt apprehensive about working in an […]

Change is defined as “to make or become different”. And then there is the Paradoxical Theory of Change: change happens when you become more of what you are, not when you become what you are not. So what happens when you become what you are meant to be? As Maslow would say, you become “self […]

I had always scoffed at reunions, promising myself never to attend one. I successfully managed this for several years into life as I politely and consistently refused to be part of several school and college reunions. I had no room for reminiscence or sentiments in my life. I did not want to look back, as […]

A theosophical statement says, ‘when the pupil is ready, the master will appear’. And so it has been with me all my life, only I did not realize that I had a teacher step in whenever I needed to learn a new lesson. My life was mostly linear till a decade ago; up till this […]

This year, my visit to Karachi, my beloved city, is very different from my visit last year. This time I am more somber, as if the euphoria of last year has given way to this deep, dull ache within. I go about through the traffic and the meandering streets in a trance, as the city […]

I met Karen when I moved to my new home last year. I was harassed unpacking the cartons when my doorbell rang. I opened the door to see a tiny lady, with the most sparkling periwinkle blue eyes and with her blonde hair perfectly backcombed into place. She said she lived across the street and […]

It has been three months, and I can’t seem to write my blog posts. I don’t think anyone would have missed them till my sister and then my daughter ask me the reason for not coming up with a new post for sometime. Each time I sit down before my laptop to write, my mind […]